To be a consumer-centric professional and caring watchdog for the funeral industry


To protect funeral industry consumers through information, support, intervention and awareness.


* Honesty
* Professionalism
* Integrity
* Fairness
* Excellence


* To provide a single regulatory organisation for all South African registered and licensed funeral and financial services companies rendering funeral services or selling insurance products to the general public;

* Ensure national norms and standards in the funeral industry;

* Protect and support consumers in their dealings with the funeral industry service providers;

* Provide a singular platform for the consumers and service providers to interact;

* Serve as funeral industry watchdog and monitoring agent on matters of compliance, enforcement and licensing;

* Provide conciliation, mediation and arbitration between consumers and service providers, and between businesses in the funeral industry.


South Africa’s Funeral Industry Regulatory Authority (FIRA), Reg No. 2015/307728/08, is mandated to regulate relations between persons conducting business within the funeral industry and to provide for a scheme of alternative dispute resolution between consumers and participants, and between participants in the funeral industry.

It should be noted that FIRA is but one of the instruments at the disposal of the consumers who are aggrieved about poor customer service or unfair business practice as contemplated in the Consumer Protection Act. While consumers can approach the courts to seek remedy, FIRA remains the best option in terms of speed of service, engagement with the relevant role-players, conducting investigations into the complaints and seeking appropriate remedy.


FIRA is managed by a team of independent experts, with no vested interests, in the funeral industry who have access to the best information resources and best-practice experts. The Executive Committee (ExCo), together with the Ombudsman, which is led by the Managing Director, is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the organisation. They manage the inflow of complaints, conduct investigations into consumer complaints and provide feedback within the prescribed turnaround time.

The Board of Directors (BOD) is the highest authority which oversees the performance of the ExCo team and the Ombudsman, approves budgets, provides strategic direction, maintains effective stakeholder relations, especially with the government authorities and funeral industry associations.

Board of Directors

• Mr Johan Rousseau (Executive Chairman)
• Mr Robert Mhlambi (Executive Director)
• Rev Gift Moerane (Non-Executive Director)
• Mr Makhaya Ntini (Non-Executive Director)
• Mr Pierre du Plooy (Company Secretary).